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Is Horse-Powered Learning For Your Team?

You invest a great deal in finding the best candidate, and then training, mentoring, and onboarding that carefully selected candidate. You want to retain this employee for the long term.
In today’s work environments, your staff faces many challenging situations, both from within the organization and external to it. How do you support your team when they deal with the daily onslaught of various stressors? How do you ensure a psychologically healthy workplace?
Learn more about how we harness the power of horses for a more effective team.
Let us assess the unique needs of your workplace to determine if non-equine-assisted learning is a better option!
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Strengthen Your Herd

Community Healthcare Consulting provides flexible training and development options with or without horses, including:

What Makes Horses The Perfect Teachers

Horses are incredibly social animals. They rely on their ability to read non-verbal communication, emotions, thoughts, and energy for survival.
This intelligence makes horses the perfect partners in showing us how we’re perceived, and how we can be fully present in our activities. They also help us quickly understand what is holding your team back from greater success.


For sessions with horses
There is no riding during the session. All the activities with the horses are done from the ground.
We encourage everyone to participate within their comfort zone. We will make accommodations for clients who are more comfortable from a distance in an observer role. Typically, people’s comfort around the horses gradually increases over the session, but if not you will still benefit from the experience.
Wearing appropriate footwear is the most important consideration. We require people to wear shoes or boots with closed toes (no sandals or flip-flops allowed). Additionally, dress for the weather and, we suggest, in layers. Mornings can be chilly, but mid-day can warm up. Some portions of the session may be held outside if weather permits. The majority of the session will be held in an enclosed, but, not heated, space.
The sessions are held in the country side near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. There are accommodations nearby. We are approximately 1 hour by car from Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. If needed, we can assist in coordinating transportation from hotels to the session site.
We can organize a private dinner with wine pairings for your team with local chefs and wine experts. This can be the night prior or at the end of your session with the horses. We also can book local yoga instructors to conduct a yoga class. Both activities would incur additional charges.

Horses Are Social Animals...
And We Are Too!

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